From Bishop Sam Jacobs:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Jim Murphy, whom I have known for over ten years. He has been actively involved in the Charismatic Renewal Movement and in youth ministry during those years. He has served as chairman of the National Service Committee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and is a member of the International Charismatic Renewal Service Council.

Jim has done excellent work in youth ministry throughout the country, and is an excellent conference speaker and leader.

He is orthodox in his teachings and gifted in his sensitivity to where people are. He is a man of prayer and vision.

I enthusiastically endorse him and support him with my prayers as he continues to do the ministry God has called him to do for the building up of the kingdom.

With personal good wishes, I remain

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Most Reverend Sam G. Jacobs

Bishop of Alexandria


From Rev. Brendan Williams:

It i with great pleasure that I recommend to you Jim Murphy of Vera Cruz Communications Inc. I have known Jim for many years in his capacity as conference speaker and parish mission director.

His messages have always been inspiring, and informative, displaying his craft as a teacher. Above all, his presentations are delivered with a conviction that flows from a lived experience of the Risen Lord and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Little wonder then that he has been able to touch the hearts of many and gently lead them into the arms of Christ. In all his teachings he is thoroughly orthodox and is ever careful to speak within the mind of the Church.

I am confident that wherever he goes, Jim's ministry will bear abundant fruit as he calls the faithful to a deeper conversion to Christ and His Church.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Brendan Williams

Pastor of St. Veronica Church, Howell, NJ

Liaison to the Charismatic Movement

Diocese of Trenton, NJ


From Mr. John Gallagher:


Great conference - you played your part wonderfully! The Holy Spirit worked through you in a most beautiful and powerful way! You did lead us to worship, and break open the prophetic words. You taught and

shared in a rich way. You lead and inspired and modeled holiness. You were wonderfully attentive to the needs of all. Great job! God bless you, your family, and our Lord's ministry through you. Our prayers

and joy to you and to your entire family. The conference moved us all in the direction of holiness! Hope your journey home was good. From all who attended, I thank-you !

Lord Jesus thank-you for using Jim in the wonderful way you did…

John Gallagher


Office of the Charismatic Renewal

Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida



From Mr. Steve Ensley:

To Whom It May Concern,

AFO is a growing Internet company created to serve and help protect families from the dark side of the Internet. As we continue to grow, it is extremely important that each employee understand and embrace the mission of our company.

Jim “Butch” Murphy was retained to help conduct a crucial meeting with management that would help re-focus on the mission and help AFO move forward in new and better ways.

His skill sets brought many important ingredients to the culture and operational policy that was formed during these strategic meetings. Through his carefully guided processes we were able to,

· Re-focus on our mission and purpose.

· Renew our passion for our mission.

· Deepen our understanding of our impact on our customers.

· Provide new and creative tools for reaching subscribers.

· Re-assess current policy and operational frameworks.

· Develop new and more targeted marketing programs.

· Re-assert the critical input of all employees.

· Build a team and partnering culture to accomplish our mission.

The lessons learned and implemented as a result of Jim’s skills and energy has made us a better, more successful and more profitable organization.


Stephen J. Ensley – Executive Director

American Family Online (AFO.net)



 From Sr. Maria Frassati O.P:

Thank you so much for taking the time to come out to S.S.A. today! Not only was your talk great for the kids, but I was personally blessed to hear it as well. I think we all need a riminder of our owen "breach", or at least I do. It is so tempting to want to control others (my students or my famly, for instance) and so hard to admit that the "front line" is intereior. You reall y have a gift for making serious messages accessable to kids. You gave them something very concrete to walk away with that, with the Lord's help, could seriously change their lives. Thank you again for all of the good work you do inthe lore's vineyard.

In Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Maria Frassati,O.P.

Sixth grade teacher

Spiritus Sanctus Academy

Plymouth, MI


From students of Spiritus Sanctus Academy:

Dear Mr. Murphy,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to come to our school and give us that amazing talk. I took a lot from that talk and I'll make sure to use what you said in my life. What you said about being the "bigger person" in situations and choosing to make the right decisions was very good and I know that I'll thindk about what I do before I mak the wrong choice. Also, I will now see what is broken in my life and what I need to work on so I can put it back in order. I really liked all of your examples you gave to help us understand your ideas and they did really help.


Student at Spirtus Sanctus Academy


Dear Mr. Murphy,

Thank you very much for coming in to talk to us for I.C Day. I really took to heart the part where you told us to be "repairers of the breach". I really kiked how we don't have to do big things, it can be a personal thing. I have really taken up that call and I will remember that for the rest of my life.





Dear Mr. Murphy,

Thank you for coming to talk at our school. I found your talk one of the most useful and entertaining ever.You  talked about topics we cauld acrually use. You helped me realize how to take control of my life. You are a wonderful speaker.

In Christ,




Dear Mr. Murphy,

I want to thank you so much! You really touched me! For awhile I was very confused on what to do and how to fufill my mission on earth. I can't even begin to describe what you've done for me. What I found interesting is that all of of what you said is what I deal with in my life and with other people. I feel as if I can relate. I was also touched how you explained to us how  to fill in things that were making a gap and keeping me from growing closer to God. Now I know what I'm called to do! I willremember everything you have said and  feflect on it for the rest of my life. Thank you!



PS. I'm sure God is pleased with what you have done for this school today!



 From the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of New Orleans

                                                       P.O. Box7515 , Metairie, Louisiana 70010-7515

April 3, 2009

Dear Jim,

May the peace of Christ be with you.

In the name of the Steering Committee and of all who attended our recent Southern Regional Conference, I want to sincerely thank-you for your ministry among us.

Once again, let me express our gratitude to you for your willingness to give of your time and gifts in such a way to God’s people. It was great to have you with us! May the Lord bless and reward you for your service.

Yours  in the Holy Spirit,


Thank-you  again! God used you powerfully. You are a Conference Chairman’s dream  speaker!

Al Mansfield

Conference Chairman


From Fr.Don Suberlak, C.R.

Mr.Murphy is an experienced lay evangelist who has traveled extensively abroad and here in the United States. His presentations with adult and youth groups are based on his personal testimony, scripture and magisterial teachings. Which are well received.

Since the Millenium, Mr. Murphy has given our parishes a three-day Lenten Mission each year, which are well received.Finally, Mr. Murphy has a winning personality and excellent elocution. He is empowered by the Holy Spirit in his preparations and executions. As pastor, I found him easy to work with and I admire him for hes respect for my office. It has been my privilege then to present to you, Mr. James Murphy...

Fr. Don Suberlak, C.R.

St Mary of the Assumption and St. Agnes

Three Oaks, MI

 From  Rev. Willian (Bill) Henry 

I am writing regarding Mr. Jim Murpy and he\is ministry. I have known Jim for around 10 years. I first met himat a conference sponsored by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of New Orleans. Jim was a speaker at this conference as he has been several times since. I remember how impressive and empowering his gifts of teadhing and ministry were to everyone that attended the conference.

I have had Jim give theree missions at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in McCombb Mississippi. My parishioners have been extremely pleased with his missions. They have personally asked him to come back.

Jim not only has a great gift of teaching, but it is obvious what he teaches and shares is what hed lives in his every day life. Jim is steeped deeply in his theology. Hi is very Otheodox and very sound in content. I have no reservations of recommending him for ministry. It is exciting to see a lay person minister so powerfully within Our Church.

God Bless,

Rev. Willian (Bill) Henry

Pator / St. Alphonsus




From Mr.Kirby Falkenberg / YMCA

Jim Murphy is a master Storyteller who can keep your attention with each word he says. Story telling is not only a gift, it's also an art. I wanted to teach my staff and professional associates the art. I contacted Jim and over several months as  he designed a 3 hour seminar course - Storytellng 101. He put on the seminar through the Indiana Non-Profit Resource Network. It was one of the largest attended of their seminars and received top evaluations.

He is now designing session 102 which will deal with the actual experimenatl / practical application. Jim is a real professional and will deliver what you want. His job is to meet your needs and he is always concerned that he is delivering exactly what you want and need.

I have know Jim Murphy for 6 years and he can always be counted on to deliver a program in a most unique way.

Please do not hesitate to call me for additional information.


Kirby Falkenberg

Executive Director/ CEO/KB


From Chad E. Bralick, MA

Having had the pleasure of working with him in an official capacity for four years, it is a privilege and an haonor to write thes lines on behalf of Mr.James (Jim) Murphy.

Working in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend as a Pastoral Associate, I am well aware of the need for lay men and women with a commitment to orthosdoxy and exemplary character. Without reservation, I attest to Jim's love for the Roman Catholic Tradition in faith and his unwavering commitment to Her teaching. Furthemore, Jim is a man of integrity, honor and humility- qualities any organization, which he serves, would benefit from.

I am happy to offer this recommendation on behalf of Jim Murphy. If I can be of any further assistance to ou, please feel free to contact me personally. God's grace and best wishes in all your endeavors and know that it is with prayerful regards that I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Chad E. Bralick, MA

Pastoral Associate

St. Mary of the Assumption and St. Jude parishes

Director - Office of Faith Formation


From Jolene Carpenter CCR Minneapolis, MN

Dear Jim,

On behalf of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Office, I would like to thank you so much for speaking at our Regional Conference last weekend!  It was a truly powerful and anointed conference. We were honored and truly blessed to have you with us.

I heard many, many comments from people who were touched by your sharing. I beleive God was working in a powerful way to minister to each person exactly as they needed at the time. Thank you for being a part of it, and saying "yes" to the Lord with your life! May God bless you and your ministry abundantly.

It was a pleasure for me personally, to meet you. I hope to connect with you again in the future.

In Chrislt,


Administrator of CCR Office

Minneapolis,  MN








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