Fight On!

Of all the aspects of the Passion which touch me so deeply, Jesus falling with the cross has lately become a focal point for me.

I am both amazed and impressed by Jesus' tenacity in carrying that cross. (One ancient version of the Stations actually has Him falling at each station between the  3rd and the 9th!)  What kept Him going forward?  In my heart I call out to Him just to give up.  Let Yourself die in the street where you lay, or just let the soldiers beat you to is better than the cross.  But He gets up; again and again.

What compelled Jesus to keep going?  What loyalty to the Father, what sheer determination! 

When we are confronted by set backs how easy it is to whine, get angry, and just give up.  I hear Jesus saying to us  "Fight on."

May He give us the grace to take the next step forward.

You do not lose...until you quit.

A blessed Easter to you and your loved ones!

Author: JamesButchMurphy   20130329  
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