Does God's voice matter to you?

We have been looking at some obstacles to hearing "The Shepherd's voice." Those who study human behavior have found out an intersting thing about our listening.

Our listening seems to be somewhat selective. 

 It has been shown that people are more open to hearing a person whom they are attracted to.  If someone impresses you, intrigues you, or somehow has a positive impact in your life you tend to listen to them better and retain what they said to you.

Conversely, people who under-impress us, people whom we do not trust, people whom we do not like are less able to get through to us.

Even people whom we say we love, but whom we have gotten used to often have a hard time getting our attention.

Consider this; have you ever spoken to a family member or an old friend and tried to offer some advice.  You can tell by the glazed look and the inattention that they are not really open to what you are saying to them.  Then an outsider comes along, or a Hollywood personality says something on a talk show.  What they are saying is the same thing we have been consistantly telling our loved one.  Now our friend perks up as if they are hearing something they had never heard before,,,,,BECAUSE THEY NEVER DID HEAR IT BEFORE!  The message the newcomer spoke is the same as the message we have been trying to drive home for a long time.  They ignore it when we say it but jump at it when someone else says it!

Even though truth is truth and the message is the same, we are open to hearing it from one person and closed to hearing it from another.

The fact that you are not "hearing from God" may not be a may be a symptom.

Is God someone you are attracted to, interested in, intrigued by?  Or is God someone whom you have grown used to, or even ignore.

Perhaps your ears are not clogged as badly as your heart.

Are you so intrigued by God that you can not wait for what He says next?

Your heart must be open to God before you can receive His word into your life!

Author: JamesButchMurphy   20130424  
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