I watched the sun set behind a mountain in Jawa Barat

I watched the sun set behind a mountain in Jawa Barat, Indonesia, as I was walking into the retreat center we are working at this week.

This evening, my co-worker, Michelle Moran of London, led a beautiful reflection on the Merciful Father. She spoke so eloquently of God's love.  It was really a beautiful sharing.  But what happened afterwards really surprised me.

We walked among the 100 attendees, simply placing a hand on their shoulder and quietly prayed that they would experience the great love of God the Father.  The people we prayed over were very devout Catholics, many of them seasoned by years of ministry within the Church.  We had several priests
among us.

What astounded me was how many people were openly weeping as their hearts were touched by the love of the Father.  It was truly amazing!

I have seen this happen before.  There is something very deep about experiencing the Father's love.  It must touch a great hunger, or a deep need within many of us, because it causes such a deep reaction.

I was reflecting on how such devoted faithful Catholics, who serve God faithfully everyday still long for the Father's touch.....what about the people who don't even know that God loves them?  What about people who have never experienced, never felt the healing touch of the Father's love?

Perhaps we can understand a little why people can seem cold, uncaring, and even cruel; if they haven't experienced the Father's love.....how are they able to give love to others?

Maybe this will allow us to be more compassionate than judgmental of people who seem rude and selfish.  We need to pray for the most difficult people in our lives...that they will truly come to experience the Father's love for them.

From the cross, Christ prayed "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."  Perhaps we could amend Christ's prayer in this situation "Father forgive them, for they don't know how much you love them."

When we experience their anger, their thoughtlessness, let us pray that they really come to experience the Father's love.

That's what The Father would want us to do

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