Golfing Through Life

No surprise to golfers, but a Godly life and good golf have amazing similarities.

Golfing COurse

I have enjoyed doing this “golfing” series, because all of these tips from the golf pro fit so well into our everyday lives.

Remember, he told me “Golf is a mental game.”  So is life.

I have heard it said, and I have often said it myself “Your life is not so much defined by the events of your life as it is by your interpretation of the events of your life.”  In other words, a lot of life is about attitude.

When you think about it, a lot of things happen in life that we have very little control over (a betrayal, a layoff, an auto accident, an unexpected health issue) but we have so much control over how we respond to these things.

Remember the golf pro’s advice; calm down, focus, let it go, move on, enjoy the game.

I am not saying this is easy….but with God’s help, and a lot of discipline……and try and try again…you can manage the “mental game” better.

“But I can’t help the way I feel.”

There’s two ways of looking at that.

I have never been a person who advocates suppressing your feelings.  I think it is actually a good thing to recognize and own what you are feeling.  Emotions are a real and beautiful part of our humanity.

But emotions are not our masters!

Once you are aware of your feelings, you have to make a choice of how you will deal with them.  That is in your control!

You can bring your emotions to God.

You can change your focus from the problem to the blessings of life.

You can find a way to adjust to, cope with, or survive the present problem and attendant emotions.

You can decide/choose that no matter how you feel, you are going to go forward in life and not give up!

You can turn to God for help and strength.


Dealing with emotions and feelings is not always an easy thing.  Usually, things do not change instantly.  Yet, when we continually apply the above principles over an extended period of time…our attitudes…and feelings can change!

When we say “I can’t help the way I feel!”  we are, in a way surrendering the greatest gift given to us by God…our free will.  We are declaring ourselves powerless victims, under the tyrannical rule of our feelings.  We do have feelings….but we also have will.

So, back to the golf course.  So much of what the pro has been saying can be applied in the office, at home, at church meetings…everywhere.

Practice these tips on the course..but take the same practices home with you.

Golf is a great game….but the game of life is even more important!

Focus, deal with your emotions, let things go, keep playing.

Enjoy the game of life!

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