Pentecost Reflection III

We have been talking about the grace of God, which surpasses human effort. We have also recognized our need to respond to and cooperate with that grace.

Today we look at another aspect of living the Pentecost.....persecution!

Not everyone was thrilled that the 120 gathered in the Upper Room had been filled with the Holy Spirit.  There were cynics, scoffers, and eventually, persecutors of those who had received the Spirit.

Why are we suprised then, when, even as we draw closer to God, we face conflict?  The devil will try to discourage you and increase temptations.

The world will resent you for being a witness to the Way, which they don't want to follow.  
Your own human nature, weakened by Original Sin, will balk and push back as you make efforts in the spiritual life.

Fear not!  The Holy Spirit will strengthen you and give you every grace necessary to stand against these attacks.  Keep going forward! The opposition you experience is proof you are going in the right direction.  Do not give into discouragement.  DO NOT GIVE UP!
The grace of Pentecost will see you through!

Your brother and servant...
   Jim "Butch" Murphy
Vera Cruz Communications



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