The Thorns and the Wound

When we see the thorns and the wound in the Sacred Heart, we are immediatly drawn back to Calvary.


However, in an apparition to St Margaret Mary Alacoque, Jesus told her that the wounds in His heart are not only from Calvary as much as they are the wounds He currently receives from peoples' indifference, coldness, neglect, and sin!

How could Almighty God "suffer" from the way some people treat Him?  Isn't He more powerful than mere mortals?  Why should their actions and attitudes have any impact on Him at all?

Because He loves us.

Love makes us vulnerable.  It has the capacity to hurt us, when love is not given in return to the one who offers love.

Therefore, even the all powerful Jesus can be hurt by love.....

But He doesn't give up.  He doesn't wall up His heart to protect Himself.

He loves freely.  He loves faithfully.  He loves totally, enduring the pain of cold hearts.....waiting for them to warm.

How do we respond when our hearts are "wounded?"

May the Sacred Heart grant you the grace to patiently love....even when it hurts.

Jim "Butch" Murphy
Vera Cruz Communications

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