What about this flame ....

What about this flame coming from the Heart? What does this tell us?

Dear friends,

What about this flame coming from the Heart?  What does this tell us?

The flame is a symbol of passionate intensity.  It says something about the depth and power of Christ's love.

Jesus does not  "sort of" like you.

He is not mildly interested in you...maybe.

Christ is totally focused on You.  He loves you with a depth, a commitment,  a power and a passion that no one else can come close to.  He knows your weaknesses, your flaws, your sins, and He still loves you.

We don't have to try to talk Him into loving us.....He's already there.

Rather, ask Him to help you be open to such perfect love.  He wants you to know this, to experience this!

The question is not if God loves you, but rather, Am I open to receive such love?

May you feel the flame of Divine Love in your heart.

Jim "Butch " Murphy
Vera Cruz Communications

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