Remembering the Triumph of the Cross in Rome

It is very late in Rome, but I had to take a minute to write you and to share this special day with you; the Triumph of the Cross.


Fr Miguel preaching the Triumph of the Cross.

I am thinking in a special way of all my brothers and sisters in we have spent so many September 14th's together!

Today at the minor basilica of St Anastasia in Rome, Fr. Miguel reminded us again that the Cross is really the pattern of life for a Christian; both it's
sorrow, but also it's triumph!   From there we went to the Coliseum and had a beautiful time of prayer. We even had tourists in the Coliseum stop for a few moments and listen to our prayers and hymns.

We prayed deeply for our troubled world, asking Christ that HIs Cross would "Triumph" over all that is broken and disordered.  Then we prayed with
one another, asking God to give us the strength to take up our crosses everyday and proclaim to the world the great love of God.

Whatever you are going through now, whatever you are enduring...hold on tight to the Cross.  At times it doesn't make sense..this mystery of
suffering...but if Christ Triumphed with the Cross then His triumph will include us.  

Stay calm, pray with faith, and keep your heart focused on The Triumph of the Cross.

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